The Creators of SnapData™

"Picture Perfect Data"




About ThinkCards

ThinkCards is a Toronto-based software development company focusing on secure data collection.

At ThinkCards, we believe the current methods of capturing data are often inaccurate and credit decisions are too slow. The entire process in antiquated.

We believe the key to creating successful new technology is based on developing solutions to deal with today's everyday issues. The problem we have solved is the easy, secure and 100% accurate collection of consumer data instantly.


SnapData is our overarching data collection mobile platform. Through our industry focused apps we are able to deliver a better consumer experience with ‘Picture Perfect Data’

We have incorporated the newest data scanning technology that involves no more than taking a picture of the barcode on a driver license using a smart phone equipped with our downloadable mobile app That’s it - no more error prone manual data entry.

In addition to ‘Picture Perfect Data ’ , which speeds up sales, SnapData™ collects verifiable consumer information to help make better business decisions. This includes finance and credit decisions, which we consider to be ‘Credit Worthy Data.’ Snap Data also offers KYC (Know Your Customer) secure information to help in fraud prevention and criminal record checks when required.

Mobile Product Offerings

    EASYROUTE: Time is Money
    The EasyRoute app enables the fast, easy and secure capturing of customer data to help facilitate the loan approval process
    MERCURY for the financial services industry, specifically for in-store instant issuance of any credit card.
    VESTA for speeding up the application process in the mortgage industry, including pre-populating mortgage applications. Also available rental applications processing and verification.
    ATHENA for the simple and accurate capture of consumer data to help improve a client’s CRM efficiencies.


The power of big data in the future depends on the accuracy and timeliness of securely capturing small data now.

Having 100% accurate consumer data at the outset allows for more effective sales and marketing initiatives. And having the ability to pre-populate a credit application allows for a drastically increased close ratio.

No other system on the market today can capture 100% accurate and credit worthy consumer data faster or more conveniently than SnapData™